Wedding Orchard



We are going to plant a wedding orchard in this field opposite our house in Wales, so if you'd like to buy us a present,
what we'd really love is fruit trees or nut trees. 

To make this easier, we've spoken to a couple of wise men who know all about trees.

The first is Ian Sturrock who specialises in trees that grow really well up here and are disease reistant. You can call him on 01248 371573 and he'll help you choose a wonderful tree that will definitely bear fruit and survive our bitter winters.

Ian Sturrock,
Pen y Bonc,
Lôn Cytir
LL57 4DA

Ian's trees cost about £20 for a one-year-old and he's going to lend us his truck to pick them up when we're ready to plant.

Our second tree expert is Mike Austin at the Brogdale Plant Centre. They are in Kent and if you buy through them they will keep the trees in a holding bed for us until they are ready to plant in March 2007, after we get back from Kenya.

You can either click on the link above, or call Brogdale on 01795 591491 and tell them that you'd like to buy a tree for Andrew and Karen's wedding.   Semi-vigorous and vigorous rootstock is best suited to the soil here, so they've recommended M25, Quince A and SJA rootstocks. Apples, pears, plums, quince, walnuts, medlars and hazlenuts will do particularly well here.

Hopefully in a couple of years time you'll be able to come up and visit, stick a plaque on your tree, and enjoy some apple and quince pie washed down with a glass of homemade cider.